Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation

Sanitary Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation Project

The City of Laguna Beach has contracted Sancon Technologies to perform trenchless rehabilitation of individual sanitary sewer pipes at 106 locations throughout the City’s service area. Construction is currently in progress and will continue through the end of February 2021. A map of the project locations is provided below.

What Does Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation Mean?
The contractor will install a new pipe within the existing damaged sewer pipe in the street. The amount of time to complete the process should not exceed eight hours. The time will vary depending on how long the existing pipe is and how many sewer house connections were connected to the original pipe that need to be restored. No excavation is required.

How Will I be Affected?
The work will temporarily block-off sewer connections to the sewer pipe being rehabilitated. The City will coordinate with Laguna Beach County Water District to shut off water meters while the rehabilitation work takes place between the hours of 7:30 A.M. to approximately 5:00 P.M. We will require that residents do not use water in your home, including doing laundry, washing dishes, bathing, showering, or flushing toilets during the hours listed above. If water is used during this time, residents may potentially experience a sewer backup into your home.

You may notice an odor during the progress of the work. The odor is caused by styrene, a product utilized in the trenchless rehabilitation process. While the odor will be noticeable temporarily, the styrene levels during this process are well below permissible exposure limits and will not pose a hazard.

Scheduling the Work
If your residence is affected by the project, you will receive a notice on your front door seven days before the work is scheduled that will affect your residence. We will also place parking restriction signage along the affected street 48 hours in advance of the work. Our contractor will work with the affected residents to accommodate ingress and egress from driveways that may be temporarily blocked from the construction vehicles.

Contact Information
For questions, please contact Hannah Johnson, Water Quality Project Manager, (949) 464-6615.