Glenneyre Dip Odor Control Project

Project Description and Location

The lift station was built in the early 1980s to transport two million gallons of wastewater per day collected from the entire City’s service area to the Wastewater Treatment plant located in Aliso Canyon behind The Ranch. The facility is located at the end of Galen Drive near the corner of Calliope and Glenneyre Streets.

Historically, there have been sewer odors in the area surrounding the lift station that emanate from the lift station wet well and manholes in the streets. The smell coming from these locations is caused by decaying organic material in the raw wastewater that releases odorous compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide (aka the rotten egg smell). These odorous compounds accumulate in the sewers and leak out of the manhole covers resulting in the “Glenneyre Dip” odors we are all familiar with.

Project Scope

To prevent the odorous compounds from accumulating in the sewers and leaking out into atmosphere where the public can detect the smells, Staff proposes to install a Biological Odor Control Unit, called the IBOx. The IBOx will draft the foul air from inside the sewer, remove the odorous compounds and vent the treated air to atmosphere. The IBOx will be installed inside a separate building enclosure near the existing lift station. The proposed building calls for different colored and textured Cement Masonry Units for the walls with a natural textured precast concrete roof. There are three points of access required for operation and maintenance of the IBOx, therefore, the building has a roll up door, pedestrian access door and a hatch on the roof. In addition to the new odor control facility, the project scope includes replacing the existing pedestrian staircase from Glenneyre Street to Galen Drive and adding a decomposed granite path with guardrails to divert pedestrian traffic around the lift station facility.

Project Status

Design Contract Awarded by City Council: November 11, 2017
1st Design Review Board Hearing: June 14, 2018 (Click here for presentation)
2nd Design Review Board Hearing: July 26, 2018 (Click here for presentation)
Community Meeting: October 18, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the project site
3rd Design Review Board Hearing: November 8, 2018
Construction: TBD

Project Benefits

The primary project benefit is odor control for the area and communities surrounding the lift station. Secondary to that, is the proposed new path provides a more scenic walking route for the public.

Project Contact

If you have questions regarding this project, please contact Hannah Johnson, Water Quality Project Manager, (949) 464-6615.