City News

Zoom ID for June 15 City Council Meeting

You may listen and comment over the phone or computer during designated public comment periods by following the steps below: 

  • Call (669) 900-9128, and wait for instructions.
  •  Let us know you want to comment on an item that is being discussed by pressing *9 on your phone.
  • When you hear "your phone is unmuted," please proceed with your comment. The time for comments may be limited, so prepare your remarks accordingly.
  • You may also use zoom.us on your computer or the Zoom app on your phone with Webinar ID: 97603440658#. 

  • If you have issues getting into the Zoom meeting, or raising your virtual hand to comment, you may TEXT the City Clerk:  (310) 722-5051

You may speak in person in Council Chambers by entering the Chambers through the rear door, speak on your subject of interest, and immediately exit through the front door. Please note that a face-covering must be worn while in Council Chambers, including while speaking.