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Virtual Dedication of Heisler Park Mosaic

The City of Laguna Beach Arts Commission will hosted a virtual dedication of the latest public art installation at Heisler Park with artists Scott and Naomi Schoenherr, featuring a video message from Mayor Bob Whalen.

CLICK HERE to see the video message from Mayor Bob Whalen

The entire virtual dedication will be made available soon.

Arts Commission Chair, Adam Schwerner said “When John W. Wolf granted the Arts Commission funds for the production of an art installation at Heisler Park, there wasn't a moment’s hesitation around who the artists should be. It was clear that this donation could help Naomi and Scott Schoenherr add a crescendo to their suite of works already at Heisler Park and that this would be a singular artistic presence in Laguna Beach.”

The installation, created of ceramic and stone, took its inspiration from the poem “Giggle Crack” by Shelly Cooper written specifically for Heisler Park. Located at the amphitheater, home to Sunset Serenades, the work will be a stunning stage for concerts in the future. Schwerner added, “Lunar Tides” feels like it has always been there; that it and the other five installations arrived together to tell an ancient story (like the ancient frescoes of Pompeii and Herculaneum). “Lunar Tides” is executed with remarkable attention to detail and craftsmanship, of both nature and mankind's search for meaning. The piece is an example of the artistic enterprise at its best.”