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Laguna Beach joins Loud Exhaust & Speeding Operation

On Sunday, May 23, 2021, the Laguna Beach Police Department participated in a joint enforcement operation along the entire length of Coastal Orange County, utilizing over fifty motorcycle officers and other police officers from dozens of Orange County law enforcement agencies.

Results of the May 23, 2021, Joint Operation:

  • 445 Vehicles were stopped for violations
  • 348 Vehicles were cited for vehicle code violations (which includes loud/modified exhaust)
  • 44 Vehicles were inspected on-site for modified exhaust violations by a BAR Referee
  • 16 Vehicles were referred to on-site DMV Investigators for possible registration violations 4 Vehicles were cited for exceeding 100 MPH
  • 4 Vehicles were stopped, and the drivers/passengers were arrested for (2) possession/sales of narcotics, (1) unlicensed driver, and (1) DUI

“Loud exhaust and speed violations continue to compromise the safety and quality of life of our residents. Consequently, we are left with no choice but to take a zero-tolerance approach to enforcement,” said Interim Laguna Beach Police Chief Jeff Calvert. “We appreciate this unprecedented collaboration with our law enforcement partners, and we look forward to sustaining this enforcement effort through the end of the year.”

Since May 2020, the Laguna Beach Police Department has been conducting loud/modified vehicle exhaust and speeding enforcement operations on Laguna Beach roadways. Over the last 12- months, the Laguna Beach Police Department has issued over 2,700 citations to mitigate these violations and, in turn, help improve safety and quality of life for our residents.