2012 Citizen Survey

The City of Laguna Beach received the results of a citizen survey of resident opinions about the community and services provided by local government. The results of the survey were positive. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of respondents view Laguna Beach as a great place to live earning the city a third place ranking (out of 360 cities) when compared to the national benchmark levels typically seen in other communities. Almost all survey respondents also rated the quality of life in Laguna Beach as “excellent” or “good” and ranked 8th (out of 428 cities). The rankings are among cities where a similar question was asked. City services were rated favorably with the majority receiving ratings well above the national benchmark. 

A similar citizen survey was conducted in 2007. The 2012 results demonstrate improvement in every category including transportation, public safety, environmental and economic sustainability, and public trust. 

The survey cost under $10,000 and was conducted by the National Research Center under the auspices of the International City/County Management Association.